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Climbing in Provence Verte

Author : Philippe Bugada
Translation : Robin Knapp
Language : French/English (fully translated)
Layout : © La Corditelle
Covered area : All sectors open for climbing in the Vallon Sourn, Val Obscur, La Roquette, Carcès.
295 pitches described.
128 pages - full colour.
Ref. TCTV10
Status : Available

Prix : 20 Euros
Extract : Somewhere between the sea and the mountains, next to a small river or overlooking a lake, the cliffs of “ Provence Verte ” around the villages of Châteauvert, Correns and Carcès will appeal to all nature-loving climbers. For beginners and experts alike, there are many good reasons to come here :  beautiful countryside, easy access, well equiped sites, unforgettable rock, great routes, sporting challenges and even a large sector completely out of the rain !
The purpose of this guide book is to help the climber to make the right choices according to his capabilities and his desires. It includes the latest vertical developments in a practical and fully illustrated style. As they say in Provence : « Enjoy the moment » !


Comments : « Provence Verte » is a geographical area encompassing 37 villages in the Argens watershed in the Var. Hidden away between the Verdon, the Sainte Baume and the Sainte Victoire, this area has its own distinct character of well protected forests which cover the welcoming hills and valleys. With particularly rich flora and fauna, there is a real feeling here of authenticity and good quality of life.
This book describes the “ mentionable ” climbing sites in this area. That means that there is a consensus between landowners, openers, the FFME, environmentalists and officials that these routes can be made public knowledge.
The description of these sites is set out in two parts :
- The first and by far the largest concerns the village of Correns and its surroundings, notably the famous “ Vallon Sourn ”. This valley which is literally a link between the villages of Correns and Châteauvert contains a major climbing site of world-wide renown. Also described here is its annex, the “Val Obscur” (a.k.a. « L'Hacienda »). We have also included the “Roquette” site although this is specifically for novices, but such fun for beginners and their families.
- The second part deals with the small cliffs at “Brauch” about 10 km South of Carcès.

The réputation of these well-known climbing spots comes from the quality of the rock, the interesting routes, the lack of a walk in and the ease of the road access. Not forgetting the nearly Argens river which is pleasure for climbers and other nature lovers alike. This totally new book includes whole the recently opened routes and has an alphabetical index which doubles on a check-list to keep trace of your performances.


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