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Châteaudouble - Escalade en Dracénie

Author : Philippe Bugada
Language : French/English
Layout : © La Corditelle
More than 300 routes described.
Covered areas: Les Marinouns, Baou des Prannes,
Baume de Saint-Jean, Rebouillon, La Pale.
162 pages - full colour-

Status : available
Price : 21 Euros + postage
Extract : Near Draguignan, the amazing little village of Châteaudouble dominates the Nartuby Gorges. They are both dark and luminous, both mysterious and pleasant. A region of contrasts, it's impossible to be indifferent. Grey rocks, brown rocks, red rocks : colours invite you to climb. Country of mules, of iron ore, of steep paths, of Sarsaparilla, and above all, a region of cliffs and secret caves where it's fine to climb all year long. Happiness within reach ?


Comments : This first lively edition deals with both the natural and the human environment. In it you will find several interesting anacdotes about the region and some portraits of local openers : a nice magazine style but which doesn't compromise the practical side of classifications by grade of difficulty and a check list to keep track of your performances.


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