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From North to South, climbing in Crete

Author : Philippe Bugada
Language : French/English
Translator : Robin Knapp
Layout : A. & P.Bugada © La Corditelle

This book contains about 250 new sport climbing routes from 4 to 8 and some multipitch and trad climbing ones.

Sites covered : 8 areas spread over the North and the south coast of the central part of the island : Skoteino, Malia, Plakias, Dhamnoni Bay, Agiofarango, Agios Ioannis, Treis Ekklisies, Koumoi.

Status : Available
Price : 19 Euros + postage.
Extract :The mountains of Crete are
amongst those places on Earth which
seem to have been made to satisfy
the desires of the most insatiable
Paradoxically, sport climbing here
has until recently been a minority
interest, limited to a few remote
spots in the Asteroussia mountains.
Today things have changed a lot !
After the first book on Kapetananiá,
this second volume invites the reader
to discover 7 new climbing sites
across the island.
Whilst the admiration for the beauty
and power of the scenery remains
the same, the sectors described here
are definitely more sporty. However,
beginners are not forgotten in this
guide book which takes the time to
transmit the unique flavour of each
of these areas of vertical freedom.


To put you on the right track, for each site there is a road map, a more detailed map for pedestrian access and concise information and diagrams.
There are plenty of comments too, both on the sectors and the routes themselves, which try to in form and sometimes amuse, without spoiling the “on sight” aspect.
Finally, if Kapetanania and it's little white book remains interesting from a wilderness point of view, the sport climber will certainly appreciate this new volume, all in black.
The most interesting point for those who want to discover the island through climbing which is now blessed with many new routes is the variety, both of the sites described and the range of difficulties encountered.
Will the (fanatical) climbers/openers who operate here turn Crete into a well know destination?
The answer maybe in these books, black or white. But above all it is for you to judge by the fun you will have climbing there.


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