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Crete (Kapetaniana/Kofinas)

Author : Philippe Bugada
Language : English/German/French/Greek.
Translators: Eva Bié (GR) ; Luisa Schuschnigg (D) ;
Robin Knapp (EN).
Layout : © La Corditelle
This book contains about 150 monopitch sport climbing routes from 4 to 8 and some multipitch and trad climbing ones.

Sites covered : All sites around Mount Kofinas (especially near the small village of Kapetaniana) and more...

Status : Available
Price : 18 Euros + postage.
Extract : « Climbing is a journey, Crete is a vision, and Kapetanianá is it's focal point ». Thus begins this indispensable and eye-opening guide to climbing in Crete. It carefully describes a handful of sites around Kapetanianá, a semi-desert eagles nest overlooking the southern coast of the island. This micro village huddled in the shadow of Mount Kófinas has over the years become a real climbing destination due to the charisma of the visionary climber and traveller, Zbynek Cepela. A destination becoming increasingly popular as he and his friends from Crete continue to work in this almost metaphysically transparent mineral landscape.


Comments :More and more popular, Crete offers climbers more than welcoming beaches and hotels. You have to see it to believe it and be ready to get off the beaten track. There is more than a slight chance of being seduced by the contrasts and the change of scenery. Here the attractive gorges in which one is overwhelmed by the scent and colour of the wild flowers have something in common with the more austere plateaux rock. An ever-present rock, at first sight deteriorated by the elements, but on closer inspection very suitable for sport climbing. These characteristics didn't escape the attention of Zbynek Capela, climber and fearless opener. In twenty years of sustained travelling he has put together most of the routes in this new guide. Crete is now a good destination for beginners and intermediates.


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